It’s Finally Time To Share The BIG News With Y’all…

It’s so weird to even type it out, but I can’t believe I’m about to say it. After over a year dealing with infertility and IVF, Adam and I are excited to announce…I’m pregnant. It honestly doesn’t even seem real and I’ve felt so strange having kept this secret from my readers for so long. (Note: my family and close friends have known since August after our transfer.) It’s not that I didn’t want y’all know. It was more that I was in actual disbelief it really worked. And I kept wanting to go to one more doctor’s appointment, one more ultrasound. Almost as if to double, triple makes sure.
I also didn’t want my pregnancy announcement to be too ostentatious or in your face. As someone who struggled with getting pregnant in the first place, I believe I can share my happiness without being so "in your face" about it to others who also may be struggling. Not sure there’s a "right" way to do it, but I’m trying to be sensitive to my fellow IVF moms out there if that makes sense. I knew how hard it was to see elaborate pregnancy announcements all over Instagram so yeah…I’m trying.

How I’ve Been Feeling…

On top of just plain old disbelief, I’ve felt like total crap. Between IVF hormone shots I had to continue daily up till 10 weeks, to standard morning sickness (that lasts all day, FYI) it’s been an adjustment, to say the least. Maybe that’s why I haven’t really let it settle in yet that I’m actually expecting. I’ve just been feeling so miserable and tired that I’m just emotionally and physically exhausted. But I will say, I think we’ve made a turn and I’m starting to finally feel like myself again a little bit. Thank goodness!
I took these photos a couple of weeks back when I was in Charleston with my #BloggersDoTravel gang. Jessica and I actually met up with our wedding photographer Kim Graham to take these pictures and was SO excited to tell her in person. I started out the shoot sucking in the bump as much as I could and finally, she suggested I do a quick bump photo. I’m so glad she did. In a city that is so special to me, it was nice to take my first pregnancy photo in my favorite city on earth.

After My Pregnancy Announcement…Now What?

There’s still a debate going on in my head about how much I’ll be sharing about pregnancy/motherhood here on Poor Little It Girl. Obviously, in the blogging world, every woman makes her own decision and what works best for them and their family. But for me, I don’t think I’m comfortable with oversharing. It’s clearly going to be a big adjustment to my life that I can’t exactly hide, but I am hoping to keep my blog content here still on the same path without going off into full mommy blogger mode. (Rest assured, I’m sure there will be some motherhood content in the future, just not an over-saturation if that makes sense.) That’s just not me. I mean, I shared one photo today of my little bump (which I think it actually part pancakes, part baby Peshek) and that’s about it for now.
And for those who hate a pregnancy announcement and baby talk, I feel you! I used to get so annoyed when bloggers I loved would suddenly only talk about pregnancy and baby stuff on their sites. I promise to really keep a balance. So that’s why we’re gonna talk about this sweater dress from H&M for a moment, sound good? This thing is seriously the softest, coziest thing on the planet. I’m in the XS and its oversized fit is perfect for a cool fall day. I belted it here but it also is just as cute sans-belt with tights and flats. No doubt I’ll be wearing this sweater dress a LOT this coming fall/winter season.

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