Investment Items: The Camel Coat

The start of a new year is always a great time to re-shift your priorities, set new goals for yourself, and rid your closet of all things that are out of date, unworn, or simply past their prime. I’m quite a fan of "New Year cleaning" myself and starting the year fresh, but the older I get and the more attention I pay to my personal wardrobe, the more I want to build up a closet that doesn’t have to be "cleaned" every peak season. I love trends and I love playing with my personal style, but I’ve found the more classics I have in my closet, the longer my wardrobe lasts- not only now but for years to come!
To set yourself up for success this year, it’s essential to shop smarter and fill your wardrobe with investment items. I’m not simply talking staples with over-the-top price tags, but standout pieces that go well beyond one season and have shelf-life longevity like no other. From basics to a fool-proof pair of jeans, the investment list goes on and on, but today, in particular, as winter continues to roll in, I’m shifting my focus to one key investment item: The Camel Coat.
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Besides the fact that camel coats can be worn over and over again, my favorite element is their versatility. Because camel is a bit of an ambiguous brown, these coats can be paired with browns, black or grays. If there’s ever a doubt which outer layer I should wear, 9 times out of 10, my camel coat wins. I find an excess of black quite dreary in the winter, so camel is always a nice option to break up the darker tones.
Because winters in London are quite freezing (for my standards) I wear my Camel coat in day-to-day life almost every day of the week! But even if you don’t live in a city quite as cold as London, a camel coat’s timeless qualities will guarantee you’ll still get your money’s worth! If you already have a Camel Coat you’re well ahead of the classic curve, but if it’s a piece that’s missing from your current collection, I’ve linked lots of selects at all price points below!
My particular coat is from Club Monaco’s last season’s collection, but this season’s style is still available HERE and on sale 30% off!
xx Erica