Indigo spring with AG.

Indigo spring with AG.

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You all know that I’m  big denim person.  I’ve always love wearing jeans, and being a mom has only perpetuated that love, plus aren’t boyfriend jeans a mother’s best friend?  It’s like, "hey, I’m wearing these super chic on trend jeans, because I’m so hip and stylish,obviously."  And really you’re thinking "these jeans are more comfortable than pajamas and so functional."  If jeans are my love language, I swear distressed boyfriends are a dozen roses.

Although my love for denim runs deep, it was only in the last couple years when I really started investing in good denim.

Before that, I had your typical 50 pairs of jeans in my closet and none of them were very good scenario.  Then I really starting thinking and getting smart about cost-per-wear.  I swear every woman should carry a little card with her that says CPW, while she’s shopping, we’d all make such better wardrobe choices.  I started thinking about how much I was actually spending on denim, and how I wasn’t really saving myself any money by avoiding more expensive brands that fit well and will last for years in favor of buying 15 pairs of mediocre jeans, none of which really looked right on me and fall apart after a month.  Now I am much more of the "quality over quantity mindset," and I’d rather have 4 pairs of jeans I adore and wear constantly, than a closet filled with sub-par denim.  This is what I’ve told the ladies I’ve taught in my styling classes time and again.  The cost of one good pair of $150 jeans is still less than 4 pairs of mediocre $40 ones. So invest in the right jeans, and then wear the heck out of them.

One of my favorite brands of denim that I’ve really come to love over the last year is AG jeans.  I loooooove their skinny jeans (I have 2 pairs) because the fit is so good, they’re super comfortable to wear, and the denim doesn’t stretch out throughout the day.  So when the brand contacted me about highlighting their spring line, I knew I wanted to give their boyfriend jeans a shot.  They did not disappoint.  Super comfy, really high quality denim, perfect distressing, and not too high on the rise.  I’m kind of loving this baggier boyfriend jean trend this year, and I think these will be so cute with sneakers and slide on mules as the weather continues to get warmer.  I also chose this pretty sleeveless wrap top from their indigo line.  I’ve always been obsessed with indigo (blue is my signature color) and I love this top because it’s so soft, and drapes really nice.  I’ve loved this new trend of pairing sleeveless short vests with a more structured button up shirt over the last few months and it was fun to try it with this wrap top.  I’ll definitely be mixing it with some other fun pieces in my closet in the future.

So what’s your favorite piece of clothing to invest in?

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