How To Wear Orange And Blue For Fall

A lot of my fellow Florida State Univerity alum are likely reading the title of this post and saying, WHAT!? Orange and blue! Those are Gator colors, Cathy. You can’t wear that! Well, back in my college days I never would dare to mix these two colors together. Supporting the University of Florida…I don’t think so. But alas, I’m 35 now and while I still bleed garnet and gold, I’m over the whole color controversy when it comes to fashion.
As it turns out, orange and blue are one of my favorite fall color combinations. I actually did a post earlier this season on kicking off fall fashion and wore them together then too, so really my love for this pair is nothing new. Oh, I also forgot I did a look last fall with orange and blue too that I still wear/love. Dare I say this is one of my favorite color trends for the season!

How To Wear Orange And Blue For Fall

Now when I wear these two colors, I have to stress I do NOT mean bold blue and neon orange. I know some women can pull this pair off flawlessly (Blair and Courtney – I’m looking at you! ) but I’m 100% not cool enough. So for me, my trick on how to wear orange and blue for all is all about picking softer shades of these primary colors.

Light Blue Sweater

The second this Abercrombie & Fitch sweater made it’s way into my life (thank you A&F for the gift!) I knew we’d be best fashion friends. If you are looking for a freakishly soft sweater, this is it. I’m actually wearing it right now as I’m writing this post. No need for a layer underneath (unless you’re cold then by all means) because this sweater isn’t itchy one bit.
I actually own a few different light blue sweaters but hey, there’s always room for one more. If you’re in the market, here are a few more under $100 styles to check out!
I know when I say orange shoes, you’re probably like WTF, Cathy! But I promise you, they’re good. You just have to get the right orange. And for me, that perfect orange is that sort of burnt orange color. It’s like brown and red and orange had a little color baby. Your "best" orange really depends on your skin tone so don’t be afraid to experiment.
The shoes I’m wearing today are old from Madewell but they have a similar option here if you’re wanting a similar look. If not, here are more orange shoes to try also under $100 that would be so cute for fall as well.

Completing An Orange And Blue Outfit

I kept things simple with the rest of my look. Well…sort of. I went for classic Madewell jeans that have just the right amount of distressing that I just love. But since I was feeling a little festive, I added on this rhinestone hair bow that I picked up at J.Crew a million years ago. (You can see it in this holiday hair post too!)
I love that some of the rhinestones in the bow pick up on the orange color from the shoes. If I didn’t have the bow, I probably would have worn a darker coral lip to tie the look together. But since I did, I opted for a more muted lip. It’s all about balance when it comes to colors and accessories.

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