How to Survive a Long Commute

D.C. blogger Alicia Tenise gives you the scoop on why you should use Audible Voices
Guys: I’ve officially been working for myself for about three months now, and I couldn’t be happier. Being my own boss is fantastic, and working from home is honestly one of the best things ever.
The only downside right now? I’ve temporarily moved back to my suburban hometown (which is 25 miles outside of D.C.), and boy oh boy: my commute to blogging events and shoots is long. I’m really not a stranger to long commutes unfortunately; I had an hour commute to my last full-time job, and trust me, I hated it.
I did make a slight change last year with my commute, and I couldn’t be happier: instead of jamming out to my Spotify playlist on the regular, I started playing Audible while driving. Since I moved out of the area covered by the Metro, I have to rely on my car to get anywhere, and I really missed being able to read books during my commute.
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Not your Average Audiobook Experience
I’ve tried other audiobooks before, but Audible is really unique: they have a collection of strong performers narrating each story, and they really do an impeccable job at painting a picture in your head! I listened to Hidden Figures before watching the movie, and I can’t tell you how incredibly moved I was — during rush hour, in my car. I was hooked on the story, and even kept on playing it when I got to my destination. I loved the way the narrator really brought the story to life for me, and I was actively able to use my imagination just in my little car. Way more entertaining than a music playlist!
On My To-Read (or To-Hear?) List
I have so many other books that I want to knock out in the next few months — Trever Noah’s "Born a Crime," The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, and A Man Called Ove. Each audiobook is around 8 hours or so, and since I’m in the car for around an hour at a time, it’s super easy for me to knock out a book in a week or less! If you have any other audiobook suggestions for me, please let me know!
How do you survive a lengthy commute?

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