How to Stay Inspired While Traveling

These last few months have been a total whirlwind for me: from a long weekend in Florida to a week in France and a few press trips in Charlottesville and New York; no grass has grown under my feet this season. Not to mention, I’m still bouncing back and forth between D.C. and Philly before my big move this summer.
Even though it seems somewhat glamorous to be a girl who’s always on the go, sometimes an excessive amount of travel can drain me creatively and physically. Since I’m a travel blogger, I’m still working when I’m traveling (seriously: at the moment, I’m writing this blog post on a train!) When I’m on a press trip, I’m representing my business and networking with PR folks, restaurant owners, and other members of the local community. I can’t afford to be off my game, and I don’t have time to skip a beat.
How do I stay inspired and energized while on the road? Here are a few ways I keep my energy up!
How to Stay Inspired While Traveling by popular travel blogger Alicia Tenise
An Amazing Playlist
I’ve had to sit through some super long plane and train rides over the last few months, and most of the time I have to do a little work while on public transit. Before I head to my next destination, I always make myself a brand new playlist to jam out to while on the road. I like to check out Spotify’s new releases on Friday to get inspiration for my next playlists. A fantastic song can inspire me to create a fresh photoshoot concept, or even encourage me to try out a new writing style.
How to Stay Inspired While Traveling by popular travel blogger Alicia Tenise
How to Stay Inspired While Traveling by popular travel blogger Alicia Tenise
Staying Hydrated
Real talk: it’s super easy to get run down while you’re on the go. From hopping in various planes, trains, and cabs, to not eating on a regular schedule and a possible lack of sleep, when I first started ramping up my travel blogging, I found myself getting burnt out pretty often. I make it a point to stay hydrated while on the go, and one of my go-to water brands is LIFEWTR. It’s perfect for a creative like myself — I love the innovative designs on the bottle, which are created in series by three different artists at a time. These Series 4 bottles are centered around "Arts in Education", and you can learn about LIFEWTR’s initiative to bring art back into schools here! Each series is tied to a specific theme, and I’m looking forward to their Series 5 ‘Art Beyond Borders’ which is launching soon!
The best part about LIFEWTR? I can pick it up at the nearest 7-Eleven: it’s a one-stop shop that’s a safe bet whenever I’m traveling!
How to Stay Inspired While Traveling by popular travel blogger Alicia Tenise
Soak Up The Local Culture
It’s easy to fall into a tourist trap while traveling. You get FOMO if you don’t visit the landmarks that a city is known for. While I make it a point to hit up some of the most popular attractions a city has to offer, I also set aside time to live like a local. I’ll research and gather the best recommendations, and visit a few spots that are off the beaten path. I also love to experience local art and entertainment when I travel somewhere new, whether it’s viewing a super cool street art installation (with my LIFEWTR in tow!), catching performances from local musicians or soaking up the local cuisine.
How to Stay Inspired While Traveling by popular travel blogger Alicia Tenise
Social Media Detoxes
It’s easy to get distracted by social media while traveling: you hop in an Uber in a new city, and instead of looking out of the window at your new surroundings, your head is buried in your phone. You spend so much time getting the perfect shot that you don’t put your phone down to just soak up your surroundings. My favorite moments while I travel are the ones where my phone remains in my pocket: when I truly get to experience a city. If there’s a short hike available where I’m traveling, I love to head to the closest 7-Eleven, grab a LIFEWTR, put my phone on airplane mode, and experience the outdoors with my friends and loved ones. 

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