How to Get Out of Quarantine Frump

Melissa Mom with Style How to Get Out of Quarantine Frump
Hi loves,
Is it me or is quarantine frump a real thing? Who else has experienced a difficult time getting out of our quarantine frump? After months staying home our wardrobe has changed. It now consists of loungewear and PJs that we have convinced ourselves can be worn out in public! Well, guess what? You’re definitely not alone. Personally I go though my moments where I feel both, the urge to dress up even though I have no where to go or I tell myself that sweatpants are the new trousers
I think before the pandemic we dressed according to the purpose, but now with so many of us working from home or not really going places we are dressing for comfort. Dressing for comfort is totally cool (checkout my opinion on this here), but our style shouldn’t be frumpy because if it!
Here are 5 tips to help you get out of quarantine frump:
Find Inspo
Hello Pinterest! Whenever I feel like I’m in a style frump I go to my favorite app, Pinterest, to find inspiration. Get ideas, fill your brain with new ways to dressed, and find new ways to be comfortable but also stylish. I am a believer that you can find fashion inspiration from truly anything. I once found inspo from a paint swatch pamphlet. Who knew pink and purple go together? If Pinterest isn’t your thing, try instagram, influencers, blogs, or magazines.
Melissa Mom with Style Statement Piece Necklace
Add a Pop of Color or Statement Piece
Color instantly calms my brain. Sometimes all an outfit needs is a pop, whether it’s from a statement piece such as a beaded clutch or a colorful sweater.
Melissa Mom with Style How to Get Most Used Out of Your Wardrobe
Find Stylish Ways to Wear Loungewear
Let’s be honest, whatever we bought during those quarantine months consist of 80% loungewear and 20% pieces we want for the moment we can finally go on vacation after this. There is nothing wrong with loungewear, even for an outfit to wear out of the house! Just find different ways to style them. Rock your favorite set with a booties and layering necklaces.
Melissa Mom with Style Invest in Core Pieces
Invest in Core Pieces
Kancan jeans are the only pair of jeans that feel like second skin to me. I can wear them all without rushing to take them off once I get home. These jeans are stretchy and comfortable. Add some pieces to your wardrobe that are core pieces (meaning they go with everything) but are comfortable if you’re working from home.
Melissa Mom with Style Virtual Wardrobe Stylist
Hire Help
Sometimes we need a pair of new eyes to help us be stylish and not frumpy. A personal stylist can help come up with outfits around your needs. They can help in making you feel put together. We offer personal styling packages at the boutique, including virtual styling sessions 
Are you currently in a style frump after quarantine?