How to effortlessly mix prints in the winter.

I used to be so scared of wearing prints–forget about mixing them!– I was walking on the wild side if I added a striped shirt to an outfit.  Which is sad, really because once I discovered the silver bullet that print mixing is to a closet, I started having a lot of fun getting dressed.  Now I boldly and confidently mix prints almost daily and I love using it as a way to keep my capsule feeling fresh and my brain creative when it comes to getting dressed.
If you are ready to start dipping your toe into it (and I highly recommend that you do!), here are some of my top tips for mixing prints:
1. Start with just a hint of the print.  This works especially well if you are doing more than 2 prints, try just a hint of a few different prints.  A little goes a long way and it will add lots of great texture to your outfit!
2. If you are mixing 3 prints, make sure at least two coordinate with each other.  In this outfit, both the stripes and the plaid are very linear, so while they are different, they feel coordinating.  If I were to do plaid with polka dots and leopard, it might feel like a bit much.  But this combo works because the stripes and the plaid work well together.
3. Have one foundation color that pulls it all together.  Whether you are mixing 2 or 3 or even 4 prints you need one foundation color that can pull them all together.  In this outfit, it’s black.  It grounds the look and makes it feel cohesive.
4. Choose a neutral prints. If you are going for a 3rd or 4th print I highly recommend choosing a neutral one.  Leopard is always a good option for a 3rd print.
5. Use accessories to incorporate a print to your outfit.  Accessories are a great way to add prints to an outfit, and they are such a great way to extend a capsule wardrobe, just switching up a scarf and shoes can completely change the look of an outfit.

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