How to Dress up a LBD

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe the long weekend is over. I spent the weekend relaxing and sleeping (probably way too much!). The weather in Miami has been pretty crappy so staying in wasn’t really an option, but I don’t mind. I watched so many Lifetime movies! They’re my favorite. Anyways, today I’m sharing this dress (also wore it in a different print in this post) because it’s my favorite LBD! I thought it would be fun today to share some ways to dress up your LBD. This one in particular is only $50 and the quality is amazing! It also comes in several prints/colors.
accessoriesOne of my favorite ways to dress up a LBD is with accessories. If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely LOVE accessorizing all of my outfits. From arm candy to layered necklaces, I seriously love jewelry. It’s funny because I used to NEVER wear any jewelry and now I can’t stop! One of my favorite pieces is the TFD set from taudrey. I’m wearing it in the pictures above. It comes as a set of three or one on its own, but I recommend the set of three since it comes out at a better price! I wear my set all of the time and love to mix and match the metals. See some more of my favorite accessories to dress up a LBD below!
handbagA handbag definitely makes or breaks an outfit. I LOVE handbags and there are so many great ones at different price points. You can wear a clutch or a larger handbag (if you’re a hoarder like me). Either way, a great handbag can dress up a LBD! See my favorites below.
shoesLast but not least, shoes! Duh! You can wear flats or heels and that can really change the way a LBD looks on. I paired mine with heels but you could definitely find "fancy" flats that would pair well with a LBD, too. Here are some of my favorite options!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by! xo