How I prioritize investment pieces for my capsule.

Michelle mules: Fortress of Inca.
I know this time of year we’re thinking about the holidays non-stop, but I wanted to take a beat today and talk capsule pieces.  No surprise there, right?  Your capsule foundation serves you year round especially during the extra busy times and I love providing resources for those of you building yours to make the process a little easier. Also, if you’re building a capsule it’s a great idea to put your capsule investment pieces on your Christmas list.
Today I want to talk about how I prioritize investment pieces for my capsule.
I try to be very intentional about the way I approach purchases for my wardrobe in general, but I am the very most intentional with my capsule pieces.  They are all, for the most part investment pieces, which means I am always looking for classic style, impeccable quality, versatility, and comfort.  If I am spending investment level money on a piece I want it to serve me well for many years to come.  This is why tops, sweaters, and even jeans are never my top priority in terms of spending budgets for my capsule.  Because, by nature they don’t last as long.  Jeans take a beating because of the way and how often they are worn/washed, (plus style trends change often).  And most tops and sweaters are only in style for a season or two (maybe 3 if you’re really picking classic styles…).
So what should your top priority be when it comes to budgeting to spend the most on for your capsule?  There are a few pieces I recommend; handbags, outerwear, and shoes.
#1 for me is shoes.
I spend, by far the most of my investment budget on the shoes I choose for my capsule.  I didn’t always do this.  In fact, I used to be the queen of cheap shoes.  I’d scoop them up from the sale bid and feel like I scored. Wrong!  What I ended up with was a big pile of junky shoes that didn’t last more than a few months and some serious foot issues. (I still deal with these today… wish I could go back and tell younger me to just buy better quality shoes.)
Buying good shoes is such a wise thing to do.  We spend so many hours on our feet, standing and walking, investing in good quality shoes actually has the potential to improve your quality of life.  It will help you avoid foot issues with your arch or sesamoid bones and really if you invest in quality pieces, the lifespan goes way up (especially if you choose timeless, classic styles).
Finding those great brands that create pieces designed to last is key and today I want to introduce you to the Peruvian made brand, Fortress of Inca.  If there ever was a capsule shoe brand, this is it.  Every single piece in their line is classic, versatile, well made and just absolutely beautiful.  These shoes are designed to last.  Peru has a rich history of creating quality, hand-crafted goods, and Fortress of Inca shoes are no exception to this.  Each pair is crafted by hand and the premium natural materials are sourced locally in Peru.
I chose to order the Michelle mule by Fortress of Inca on Zappos in this gorgeous deep navy color.  I have A LOT of cognac shoes already in my closet and this is a color I’ve been looking to add for awhile. These shoes tick all the boxes for me when it comes to choosing a capsule shoe.  They are a beautiful classic style, super versatile, well made, very comfortable and super high quality.   They are what I like to call a 3 season shoe, as in you can wear them 3 out of 4 seasons of the year, which to me makes a great capsule shoe.  Obviously these aren’t going to carry you through the winter months (although you could probably get away with wearing them with thick tights and a dress…) but they are perfect for spring, summer and fall.  I also really love Fortress of Inca’s Adra mules, and these Elise booties.
I ordered these from Zappos, which is where I order pretty much all of my capsule shoes.  I just love how fast their free shipping is, especially if you sign up for their rewards program.  (I get free overnight shipping, it’s amazing.) And I love how great their customer service is.  The first pair I ordered was too big (these only come in whole sizes so I went up, but I should have gone down, FYI, if you are between sizes, size down), and Zappos makes returns so quick and easy.

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