Last monday my friend surprised me with a late birthday present. She told me the dress code was glamour and totally left me in the dark. Out of curiosity I asked her tons of questions but I never would have guessed the surprise was playing bingo! But it wasn't a regular bingo night. Nooo this bingo was much more fun. It's called Gooische Vrouwen Bingo, translated: "Rich Woman Bingo" and the prices were fantastic! You could win lots and lots of prices like a Christian Dior makeup kit, Michael Kors watch, Michael Kors bag, botox treatment :P, jewelries, ipad mini and more. And of course I didn't win anything -_- typical...but I had lots of fun so I didn't mind being a loser. When my friend told me to dress glamorous I almost showed up in this dress. But on second thought I didn't know where she would take me so it was too risky. Well it was the right decision because we where overdressed in our glamorous pants, tops and bling. Thanks babe for an amazing night out!

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