Holiday Hangover

J. McLaughlin sky blue swing dress and suede heeled boots The perfect plaid scarf for fall and winter season Holiday wreathes and knee-high suede boots red and blue plaid scarf, sky blue swing dress, holiday style 
Welcome to 2022, Adored by Alex readers! I cannot believe it’s a new year, but to be perfectly honest, I could not be more thrilled.
2016 was a seriously tough year for me. I am much more of a private person, but there were a lot of ups and even more downs throughout this past year. Quite frankly the last three years… and I am ready for a new life path, especially since we are getting married in less than two weeks!
Anyone else suffering from holiday hangover? I want to be real with y’all, I went dormant the last few weeks of the season because we had an unexpected death within my immediate family, and it really hurt. It still does, and will for a longtime. Albeit sad to have to go through the holidays without someone you love, we made it through it and honestly, I’ve got some holiday hangover.
Since I missed out on a lot of posts planned at the end of the year, I wanted to take time to post a few outfits shot back in November and early December. Plus quite frankly, are you ready to let go of the Christmas-piney smell? I’m not, it’s one of my favorites.
Now, for the outfit. I’m a huge fan of closet staples, if you read this blog on the regular, you know that. So when I find a brand that can offer just that, it’s something I need to share. J.McLaughlin is an all-Americana brand, that sells classic clothes with current relevance.
We all need a go-to swing dress, or three in our closet… and this sky blue swing dress is just that in my wardrobe. Easy to slip on, ever so comfy and something I can wear season to season. The best part is, this dress is on sale!
Houston friends, you can shop locally at not just one but two Houston-area J.McLaughlin stores. Adding to their West Gray (River Oaks) location, J.McLaughlin recently opened a new location in West Houston at Town & Country.
Looking forward to sharing with you some content I’ve got for the upcoming year, plus I’m getting married in just 11 days!

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