Henri Bendel Brunch Tote

Happy Tuesday! I’m sorry I’ve been out of the blogging game lately. I had so much going on last week getting ready for the conference and once I was there I had absolutely no time to put any content up on the blog! Anyways, good news… today I’m teaming up with Henri Bendel to give away this gorgeous brunch tote. All you have to do is follow @henribendel on Instagram and then comment on my photo later today tagging a friend once I have it up! This bag is a limited edition beauty and I am so in love with it. The brunch tote is perfect for everyday wear and is really light, which is a plus. I had been dying for a white bag and this one takes the cake for sure!
I paired this tote with a cute lace top (my new favorite) and a blush skirt. I was originally going to wear this outfit in Dallas, but… while ironing the skirt, I accidentally burnt it. Haha! Non-domesticated female problems, right? I was so mad because it was my favorite outfit and I couldn’t wear it. Anyways, I don’t think you can see the burns in this photo, which is good. I seriously love this skirt and was really bummed out about it. It’s so comfortable and can be dressed down for daytime or up for nighttime!
I hope you all have been having a great week and make sure to check out Henri Bendel’s new arrivals (including my tote, which comes in more colors).
Thanks for reading! xo

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