Heluva Good! Holiday Appetizer Idea

Heluva Good! Holiday Appetizer idea for the holidays Simple and delicious Turkey meatball and dip appetizer idea Heluva Good! Holiday Appetizer Idea | Adored by Alex
We all know how busy the holiday season gets. So when you’re asked to bring a holiday appetizer to a gift exchange or co-worker gathering, let me tell you about a Heluva Good holiday appetizer idea that’s both simple and delicious!
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No matter how organized I think I am come December, I always find myself running around at the last minute trying to finish my gift purchases or racking my brain for appetizer ideas to bring to a gathering. I’ve learned that the thought far outweighs any sort of stress that comes with cooking up an awesome holiday appetizer idea.
Heluva Good! Dip holiday appetizer idea
Turkey meatballs and French Onion dip, easy holiday appetizer
That’s why I turn to this Heluva Good holiday appetizer idea that can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes, and tastes like a homemade dish! Keeping things easy and simple is key to reducing my holiday stress, which is why Heluva Good! is my go-to. Want to impress friends and family with a delicious tasting appetizer dip, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen? Then you need to pick up some Heluva Good! Dip.
Find these delicious, rich and creamy dips from Heluva Good! in the dairy aisle of your local supermarkets. There are seven flavors to choose from including French Onion, Buttermilk Ranch, and Bacon Horseradish.Heluva Good! Holiday Appetizer Idea | Adored by AlexSimple and tasty turkey meatballs and creamy french onion dipTurkey meatballs and creamy French Onion dip for the holidays
The flavor I can’t get enough of is French Onion! Not only does it pair well with cut up veggies and chips, but it also makes for a tasty dipping sauce with meatballs.
Make your own, or grab some already cooked Turkey meatballs from the grocery store and toss them in the oven. Once golden brown, place on a serving tray paired with Heluva Good! French Onion dip. I like to poke my meatballs with toothpicks so they can be quickly grabbed and dipped. The creamy dip is the perfect addition to the salty meatball, and will most definitely be a crowd pleaser!
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