Get fit, part 2: hydrate.

how to drink enough water everyday
This month we are focusing on ideas for making January awesome instead of what it usually is, the most depressing month of the year…
So we all know that we should be drinking a lot of water.  It’s a huge part of being healthy and getting fit, but I’ve got to be honest, drinking the right amount of water everyday is hard for me.  I mean, if Dr. Pepper was water I’d have no trouble drinking enough, but…
I’m actually trying (trying is the key word here) to cut out soda completely because it’s so bad for you, but that is a process.  I’m down to about 1 maybe 2 a week.
I have found a very simple, amazingly awesome hack that’s helped me not only got me drinking lots of water everyday, but also actually enjoying the process of drinking it.
Fruit infused water.
fruit infused water
fruit infused water lemon mint strawberries
Besides lemon water, (which I’ve always been kind of lukewarm about) I’d never had infused water until last spring when we were on vacation in the Caribbean.  They were serving melon water at our  hotel one morning, and you guys.  Mind blown.  I actually wanted to drink water.  Since then I’ve been putting fruit in my water, and it’s really helped me to drink so much more everyday.  Hydrating, as it turns out, is quite easy when your water is fresh, ice cold and has just a hint of a strawberry taste to it.
You can add fruit to any glass of water, but I really love using this infuser water bottle.  It’s perfect on the go, I have a big crush on the lid (for reals), and I like the way it keeps my fruit all tucked away in a neat little compartment.  That way I can keep adding ice and water throughout the day without worrying about drinking lemon seeds or mint leaves.
Adding a little fruit and sometimes veggies to my water has definitely changed my ability to drink more water, and I’ve also noticed that it’s helped keep me from snacking when I’m not actually hungry, that I’ve slept better and had more energy throughout the day and while I’m exercising.
My current favorite combo is strawberries, lemon and a few mint leaves.
See more of my favorite fruit water combinations below:
fruit infused water lemon mint strawberries
casual mom outfit
casual outfit
hydrate on the go
pink and white striped shirt with leopard belt
how to drink enough water

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