For the love of Grandmillennial Style

Grand Millennial style dresses at home
Floral long-sleeve housedress // Ro’s Garden floral print maxi dress (no longer available, but shop their dresses online here)
Chances are you might’ve heard the term ‘grandmillennial’ in the last year or so. For those who haven’t, a grandmillennial ranges from mid-20s to 30s and has an affinity for the ‘old-school’ or ‘new-traditional’ in multiple facets of their life including, home decor, dressing and hobbies. I’ve personally embraced grandmillennial style this year, with the addition of a few ‘house-type’ dresses to my wardrobe.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten quite bored scrolling through the likes of Instagram where everyone and everything looks the same, the aesthetic is nothing groundbreaking, and celebrity influence and culture is pushing silly trends like tight spandex bike shorts or crop tops. I’ve personally never been the type to be interested in the Kardashian-esque looks and trends. Honestly I’ve always considered myself preppy, until I read this 2019 article in House Beautiful magazine: The Rise of Grandmillennial Style.
Grandmillennial Matta New York Yamini Tiger print dress
Matta New York dress (locally from A Bientot Houston) // Santorini sandals // Hazen & Co bracelets c/o
In my humble opinion, my style tends to not air on the side of trends, but instead stick to classics. Take for example, my home which is void of a lot of trendy pieces like mirrored end tables or fiddle leaf fig plants, but instead filled with timeless furniture pieces, intermixed with passed-down furniture pieces from my late-grandmother.
I also have a huge affinity for using my grandmother’s china for meals at home, and not just letting it sit in storage. And in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ve finally picked up a hobby during quarantine, that’s long been on my list, needlepoint!
Floral grandmillennial housedress
So fittingly enough, when the stay at home orders went into effect, and I got sick of wearing pajamas and loungewear, I turned to comfy and roomy dresses that made me feel dressed up without trying too hard. My husband affectionally calls these dresses ‘granny’ or ‘pajama’ style dressed, but I beg to differ!
It’s beyond hot and humid in Houston, so reaching for a comfy, roomy cotton dress is much more appealing than a variety of other options.
I will preface by saying, that not all grandmillennial style is equal! Because I’m a petite 5’3, you won’t find me in oversized kaftans or floor length maxi dresses. But, I’ve found that the midi-length house dress works great for my frame.
So as we continue through these unbearable months of humidity and heat, you’ll find me reaching for the likes of these easy, breezy house dresses. And probably catch me needlepointing in one too, a la a true grandmillennial!
I’ve gathered a few different grandmillennial style dress options to shop below.

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