Foodie Files | Dash App + The Fainting Goat

Guys. It's been a minute since I've done a Foodie Files post. I've been hibernating/saving major funds for my snazzy Arlington apartment. Never fear, I'm still eating my way through D.C. like always!
I was recently invited to try the Dash App, which is brand new to the D.C. area and let me tell you, I'm pretty obsessed. I am making all of my close friends download this app immediately because this is going to revolutionize our dining experiences. Dash is essentially Uber but for dining out: you can look up certain restaurants, get real-time reporting about a restaurant's crowd and noise level (packed? quiet? you'll be able to view this straight from your phone!), pay for your meal, tip and split the check with your friends. It's a win-win situation for everyone; it makes the "checkout" process of leaving a restaurant incredibly seamless, it means less trips for your server and it really enhances your dining experience overall. You even get a text and an email confirming your payment has been process and boom -- you're free to go!
There are currently 17 restaurants in the area using the app. I decided to check out The Fainting Goat on U Street for the first time and it did not disappoint. They had a lively happy hour, delicious cocktails and a cheese platter to die for. It was a really laid back atmosphere, so jeans and light layers are ideal attire for this environment. Definitely planning on brunching here in a few weeks!