Flared francophile.

flares and a trench coat
flared jeans and red stripes
red stripes and flares
sitting on the steps
stripes and a neck scarf
stripes and flares outfit
tan trench coat jean flares
I’ve been a bit of a francophile since I was a kid; always a lover of all things French.  Studying the language in college certainly didn’t help.  I used to watch French movies with subtitles on the weekend so I could get used to the sound and accents while I tried, desperately, to keep up.  French food, fashion and flare has always fascinated me.  Breton stripes and neck scarfs always feel very french to me, very Coco Chanel, and make me feel the sudden urge to chop some great blunt bangs.  (I always stop myself before the bangs though, not sure I could pull those off.)
I gave my breton stripes and scarf a modern twist by pairing them with my flared jeans.  And even though the forecast called for rain, it was dry and warm enough that I pulled out my favorite strappy heels… spring is really coming ladies.  It’s coming…
tan trench flared denim

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