Everly Pink Printed Dress

I love mixing different bright colors and patterns. This Everly pink printed dress is so classic and it’s pink, so obviously I’m in love with it! Pink is my favorite color but I sometimes think it can be a little overdone in some clothing. But, this dress is absolutely perfect! It has a fun mixture of patterns and is the perfect length. For reference, I’m 5’3″. I threw on this great denim jacket over my dress to give it a more casual feel. It’s also a plus that this jacket is only $30 and comes in three washes!
I paired it with my favorite turquoise necklace. I wasn’t sure how the combination would look but I love how the two bold colors look together!
I love Everly because not only is it affordable but all of the pieces are beautiful, fun and fashion-forward. You can see some of my favorites below! My dress is available in a blue, longer length style here. I definitely love that one, too! I also really want to get this one. How cute is the bow on the back?!
Thank you so much for reading and have a great Wednesday! xo

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