End of Summer With Dove Dry Spray

Even though it’s past Labor Day and the pools are closed, it’s definitely not fall yet. As much as I want to bust out my blanket scarves and over-the-knee boots, it’s still super super muggy and humid out. Gotta love an east coast summer, right?
With all of the running around I do between my full-time job out in the suburbs and the blogging events I attend in the city, I was in need of a product that would keep me cool and dry even on the most humid D.C. days. Often times I have to do a quick outfit change between leaving my full-time job and going to events after work and I never have time to stop by my apartment to do so. My old deodorant was notorious for leaving stains on my clothing, which is always a fashion faux-pas.
I finally got the chance to try a Dove Dry Spray, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. I doubt I’ll ever go back to stick deodorant again! The new Unilever dry sprays at Walmart go on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and 48 hours of wetness protection, which means I can run around town all day and I’m still covered!
My favorite part about Dove Dry Spray? The fact that it won’t leave any stick residue! I can change my outfits as many times as needed and not have any deodorant transfer onto my clothing. This, my friends, is a complete game changer. For all of my male readers out there, Unilever also has dry sprays for their AXE line as well! If you’re interested in trying out a dry spray for yourself, click here to see if there are any free samples available.
Dress: Greylin | Bag: ℅ Vera Bradley | Sunglasses: ℅ Ditto | Lipstick: Custom Shade ℅ Makeup Meltdown

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