Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat with Sociable Apparel

I’m going to be straight-up with you. I work from home, so there is a ZERO percent chance that I am getting fully dressed each day. I like to describe my daily work uniform as "socially acceptable pajamas." In fact, I give myself bonus points if I can work my actual pajamas into the day’s outfit. I realize this statement is probably not the type of thing a beauty and style blogger should announce to the world, but it’s the truth – and I also know that every single one of you do the same thing at home too! When I’m working from home, I basically live in anything stretchy, soft, and loose. Today’s outfit is a completely typical work look: jeggings, loose tank top, minimal makeup, and barely styled hair. I threw on some jewelry to be fancy for you ladies, but it’s clear that the star of the show is my shirt!
Shirt: Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Shirt from Soci@ble® Apparel c/o | Jeans: DL 1961 Emma Power Legging c/o
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC | Necklace: Sunset 45 c/o | Lips: Rimmel #17 | Nails: Revlon Allure
You may think this Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Shirt from Soci@ble® Apparel is just me trying to be funny, but it’s basically the story of my life. Since my blog is my full-time job, if I’m not eating or sleeping…I’m blogging. To make things even crazier, my two BFFs  Stephanie and Michelle (follow them both IMMEDIATELY) are also bloggers. That means every social event turns into a blog opportunity, and Michelle is also my first cousin – so family events are blog events too. My schedule really is "eat, sleep, blog, repeat," and I love every second of it! #BlogSoHard or go home, right? While I love the caption, the best part of this shirt is honestly the fabric and design. It has the perfect flowing cut, and it’s crazy soft – like pajama soft. It’s the holy grail of work clothes because I feel like I am wearing pajamas, but everyone is still commenting on how cute my outfit is. WIN! If you’re a blogger, you need it.
In addition to my favorite Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Shirt, Soci@ble® Apparel has a selection of trendy items featuring the latest expressions from social media. If you’re a fellow lover of hashtags and quirky sayings, you might fall in love with their line. I’m currently eyeing their Chic Just Got Real and Love Your #Selfie shirts, so don’t be surprised if you see them popping up in my blog feed sometime soon!
What do you wear when you’re at home? Any fellow "socially acceptable pajama" fans?

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