Easter Jumpsuit

Easter Jumpsuit

Easter Jumpsuit by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist
This jumpsuit was not intended for this upcoming holiday. I bought it for a special event in December but ended up not wearing it because I found something I liked better. I kept this piece because I knew I would find another time to pull it out. Welcome to my Easter jumpsuit!
Dressing up my black jumpsuit for Easter. Back detail of my jumpsuit for Easter. Added a floral kimono belt to my black jumpsuit. Adding a spring touches to a black jumpsuit.

How to Change Up Your Black Dress/Jumpsuit for Easter

Most of us have a black dress or jumpsuit in our closets. Instead of buying something new to wear for Easter (not sure if anyone is dressing up), consider changing up the look of your black dress/jumpsuit by adding some spring touches. I got inventive and stole the belt from one of my kimonos and added it to the waist of this jumpsuit. The floral print of the belt instantly lightens up the darkness of this all black look. Adding these green peep toes also aided in the refresh. Accessories that have spring prints and colors can instantly change your basics into something new. What do you think of my Easter jumpsuit?

Easter Throwback

I am really sad that I will not be playing my flute or attending any church services this week leading up to Easter. I realize now that I took going to church for granted. Lesson learned. I will be watching all my church’s services on my laptop.
Not dressing up for Easter is also something that I’m bummed about but instead of wallowing in my fashion sorrow, I decided to look at outfits from my Easter past. I wasn’t always very excited that my mom dressed me and my sister alike. (We are two years apart.) But now looking at these photos, I kinda dig it. I love my sister so much and I am so grateful to have her as one of my best friends.
Have a wonderful Easter week! XO

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