Dressing professionally as a creative business owner

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Life as a full-time blogger can be somewhat unconventional and new. There really isn’t a handbook that tells you how to dress, how to present yourself, etc. That’s why I’ve relied on my previous business experiences to guide my endeavors as a small business owner, and that includes dressing professionally as a creative business owner. I’m representing myself and my brand, so dressing professional while staying true to myself, is important!
Prior to deciding to work for myself full-time, I worked in corporate America at an advertising agency and a real estate investment firm. My first job in advertising lent to a much more casual dress code. I often dress today how I would’ve previously dressed in the ad agency environment. Heels or nice flats, unripped denim paired with blazers or a casual dress usually did the drive.
Creatives are known to be rather casual, and while myself and colleagues would mostly wear fun dresses, skirts and/or cropped pants with flats, the creative team was much more liberal with their dressing and wore tees and jeans to work.
Once I made the jump to the corporate real estate firm, I wore heels to work every single day. Corporate dressing for business meetings (think suits and slacks) was something I did at least once a week. Needless to say, when I began working for myself, it was a huge change in terms of what I was wearing on a day-to-day basis, as well as my seasonal wardrobe needs.
Gone were the days of needing a suit or business appropriate dress, and as an entrepreneur I was able to wear whatever I pleased. Since I began working for myself, I instilled a personal goal of trying to get ready and dressed every single day, as if I had somewhere to be – even if I didn’t actually have plans. Not only has it helped me be more productive, but it also keeps me in check.
Working for myself, doesn’t mean I no longer have business meetings or lunchtime events, I indeed still do have these things, but just dress for them differently than in my previous industries.
What do you wear everyday to your job? Is it a dressy or casual environment? Tell me in the comments below!

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