DIY christmas chair wreaths

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Hello, friends, and happy 15 days until Christmas! Today, I’m excited to share a little DIY tutorial with you for creating these red ribbon chair wreaths.
How did this all get started? I was inspired by the tour @ThePottedBoxwood did of @DunbarRoad designer, Carla’s, home. In her dining room, she had affixed beautiful ribbons and wreaths to each chair, creating a gorgeous, timeless Christmas statement. I knew there had to be a way I could create the look!
After a trip to Michaels and a few trial and error attempts, I was able to come up with exactly what I was after. It turned out even better than I had planned!
So, without further ado, here is a DIY tutorial for creating Christmas chair wreaths! If you’re more of a visual learner, I’ll be posting a walkthrough on my Instagram Stories as well! (I’ll be sure to save it to my highlights tab so you can revisit!)

diy christmas chair wreaths

Creating your own Christmas chair wreaths is surprisingly more simple than you may think! The first thing you’ll need? Dining room chairs you can push needles into. My $95 slip covered dining room chairs are from IKEA, so I don’t feel bad about a few pokes. (These chairs are truly the best!)
If you have wooden or metal chairs, however, or don’t feel good about putting needles into your dining room chairs, you can still create this look! All it will take is a little creativity with heavy-duty double sided tape or command strips.
Aside from your dining room chairs, there are only three things you’ll need:


The first thing you’ll need is a spool or two of ribbon. I used a 2.5″ floral satin ribbon (not wired) to create a classic Christmas look, but you can really have fun playing with different colors and patterns!


Mini wreaths are the key component to this piece Christmas decor. I grabbed these 10″ mini cedar wreaths from Hobby Lobby, but there are plenty of options out there. This button leaf option would be adorable, as would this one!

Push Pins

To secure your wreath, you’ll need a handful of push pins. Choose an option the same color as your ribbon (like these) and they’ll blend right in! I found that it only took about 3 push pins per chair to secure the wreath, but that could vary based on your chair and the weight of the wreath you use.

Step 1:

Loop one wreath through the spool of ribbon, then play with how far down you want your wreath to lay on the back of your chair. Tip: I used a shorter loop of ribbon to attach the wreath just to the other side of the chair, then used a longer single piece to create the red stripe down the front of the chair. Basically, you’re creating a seamless look using two pieces of ribbon. This helps keep the wreath more secure, and saves ribbon!

Step 2:

Once you decide on your ribbon lengths, cut the remainder of ribbon for the rest of the chairs. You can use the first ribbon cut as a guide for the rest in order to create symmetrical pieces!

Step 3:

Take a wreath with ribbon, and hold at the top of the ribbon with the wreath hanging down. Fold the jagged edges of ribbon under, then lay over the top of your chair and pin the ribbon into the cushion. Keep your hand securely on the ribbon until you’ve finished securing! I used three pins to secure my wreaths.

Step 4:

Next, tie a bow using your spool of ribbon. Heads up: it took me more than a few tries to make each bow look perfect. Have patience, it pays off! (Once you make your first bow, untie it and use the ribbon length as a guide to cut the rest of ribbon for the remainder of bows. This ensure they all come out the same size.)

Step 5:

Use another push pin to pin the back of the bow onto the ribbon holding your wreath. You can play around with the placement and have fun with it! I affixed the bow at the top of the wreath, but it would also look cute hanging from the bottom of the wreath or pinned directly into the top of the chair.

Step 6:

If you’d like the ribbon to go all the way down the front of the chair, like I did, cut a length of ribbon that reaches from the seat of the chair to the wreath ribbon. You can either secure the top of the ribbon underneath the pushpins you used to secure the wreath, or fold the cut edge under and use additional pins to pin over the wreath ribbon. Then, use pins to secure the bottom of the ribbon into the base of the chair back. (I didn’t even use pins, I just pushed the ribbon into the crevice!)
There you have it! This Christmas chair wreath is a beautiful, simple and cost-effective way to add some holiday cheer to your dining room. After seeing how easy this was to create, I’m looking forward to using the same method for different holidays throughout the year. How cute would this look with pastel colored ribbons for Easter?
Love from the Sunshine State,

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