Decorating my apartment for christmas

my christmas decor

white reindeer   (michaels)   //   pine cone limbs   (target)   //   garland around bookcase   (target)   //   white village houses   (target)   //   gold tinsel   (target last year, similar linked)   //   white stockings   (target last year)   //   gold christmas tree figurine   (michaels)   //   red santa   (can’t remember)   //   gold lights around mirror   (target)   //   white pre-lit christmas tree   (last year, can’t remember)
I have to confess… one of my very favorite things about this whole "adulting" process has been getting to decorate my very own place for Christmas! I started out my senior year of college with a single garland, and now, year after year, I add a few more festive touches.
Last year was my first year to have a tree… and man does it change everything! And now that my apartment has a fireplace, things feel extra cozy. Let’s just say, Christmas decorations make everything so much better, and when it comes to living alone, I think they’re one of the better ways to keep from feeling lonely!
While my apartment is a far cry from "winter wonderland," I thought it would be fun to show you how I’ve decorated it this year. All of the decorations have been inexpensive items I’ve happened upon here and there, but I love the festive element they add to this space!
My dream is to one day have a big, real tree and a huge light display on my house (a girl can dream, right?) but until then, this cozy little Christmas apartment will do just fine. :) I hope you enjoy!
Love from Texas,

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