Dark Lips & Statement Necklaces

Even though I haven't worn as many statement necklaces compared to last, I still love to add a bold piece of jewelry to give an outfit intrigue. If there is one necklace that has gotten it's fair share of wears it would have to be this one from Baublebar. A bold necklace is the perfect way to dress up any outfit for a fun night out. Since a statement necklace adds a lot to an outfit I try to avoid pairing it with articles of clothing with big patterns. If the pattern is small then it passes off as texture, and you  can pull off the look. When I first was deciding to pair this necklace with this big patterned cat print I was initially hesitant that there would be too much going on. Since the sweater is a gold with metallic pops the necklace actually didn't pop out a ton, and was the perfect addition for a date night look.
What are you favorite ways to add a statement necklace?