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If there is ONE print that defines my love for summer it would have to be gingham. Black, white, blue, or red... doesn't matter I love it all.
You probably have seen tons of gingham all over social media with your favorite bloggers wearing it in fun modern ways. Gingham has become "the" pattern for spring/summer because it exudes feeling feminine, flirty, and chic. Since gingham is such a classic pattern you can guarantee that you can wear  it next year.
When I saw this gingham dress I was immediately smitten with how classy it was. The bow in the front gave it that "something special" feel, and can also be tied in the back for a different look. Another bonus about this dress is that it has pockets! I wore this dress last week for the Geisinger new resident BBQ, and I was getting compliments on it left and right.
Since I am so smitten with this print here's some pieces I've been eyeing this season :)
Do you love gingham for summer and spring?

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