Cruise Life in Ensenada

In honor of Todd graduating dental school come June 1st we decided to go on a cruise to Ensenada Mexico with another couple. I wish that I could of been posting insta stories or snapping during our trip, but when you have T Mobile you are kind of limited lol. We decided to book our trip during February since it was the only time that we could make it work between the boys studying for boards,  them actually taking boards, and figuring out a time to fly to Dallas to check out where we want to live. During our stay it was overcast the first two days, and then warmed up a ton on our last day at sea.
I got this suit in from 6 Shore Road that was perfect for laying out on the boat. When it comes to bikinis I love styles that are bright, small, and extremely comfortable. Sometimes when I get a suit in I'm skeptical on how much I will love it just because I'm so picky when it comes to the bottoms. Since I have muscle on my outer hip sometimes bikinis won't have the appropriate amount of stretch, and will dig into my muscle making it look like a muffin top. There's nothing worse than walking around in a kini looking like you have muffin tops when in actuality you don't. I was thrilled that this suit fit like a dream in all the right places, and will definitely be one of my go to bikinis this summer.

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