Cream Lace Top

I’m all for casual and colorful outfits. These have been my favorite shorts since last summer, when I got them, and they really haven’t gone out of style. Now, this cream lace top is my current go-to top. Actually, I’ve worn it at least three times in the past week {yes, bloggers repeat outfits}. Funny story, my mom didn’t know I had to shoot with it this weekend and put it to wash. She had to hand wash it and then it had to hang to dry. Well, I needed to shoot it and had to put it on wet just so that I could get some shots! This is me wearing it with it super damp…thankfully you can’t tell… haha! I tried blow drying it to get it a bit drier but it didn’t work. So horrible. But I still love this top so much {mostly when it’s dry!}. has been one of my favorites since I was in high school. My friend and I used to always tell each other what we were going to buy and then we’d brag about it afterwards.
I love that there’s such a variety of items, from casual to elegant, and there’s also something for every type of style. I especially love their selection of dresses! Since this top is cream and goes with everything, I wanted to add a pop of color and print with my tassel necklace and new shoes, which are by far the most comfortable, cool and edgy pair of shoes I own. They’re so cool! I love how they add an instant pop to any outfit you pair them with. I’m also obsessed with these.
Have a beautiful Monday and thanks so much for reading! xx

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