Cozy winter accessories with Nordstrom.


The night before last, I spent most of what should have been my sleeping hours, rubbing Ava’s shins. Growing pains.  Do you remember having them growing up?  They were terrible, and worse is when they happen to your barely-four-year-old who is: a. already a bit of an obsessive hypochondriac, and b. has no idea what is happening to her legs.  It did not a restful night make.

black-joggers-red-sweater-plaid-winter-scarf-3 joggers-with-red-sweater-plaid-scarf-8 plaid-winter-scarf-7 red-sweater-joggers-and-winter-accessories-6 red-sweater-with-joggers-and-red-heels-2 red-sweater-with-plaid-scarf-1

The point is, the day after you don’t get any sleep is a very good day to wear joggers.  A very good day indeed.  This reminded me, how much I love my joggers, and particularly, dressing them up.  I love mixing athleisure with glam.  So I paired my joggers with a cozy red sweater (because #christmastime) and then added some of my favorite winter accessories: a sassy pair of red heels, a plaid blanket scarf, my favorite new tote, and the ray-bans I can’t stop wearing.  I finished it all off with my favorite red lip, and voila!

I love shopping Nordstrom for my accessories, because the selection is amazing and they carry all my favorite brands (I’m looking at you, kate spade NY).  This scarf has been on serious repeat, it’s one of those pieces that magically goes with everything, which makes me extra proud of myself because it’s under $30.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  More of my favorite winter accessories below!


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