Cozy Teddy Bear Moto Jacket

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Happy Monday! First full week of the year, let’s make it a good one, right? We’ve not really had a winter here in Houston, but fortunately I traveled a few places last month and in November that let me wear winter clothes, like this darling and on-trend teddy bear moto jacket.
Teddy Jacket // Striped sweater // Denim // LV belt (gently used option) // Booties c/o // Sunglasses // Earrings
I’m not really one to go for super trendy pieces. But every once and a while there’s an on-trend piece that I can’t live without. This season, it’s the teddy bear moto jacket. There were a few that I loved, but couldn’t justify the price for a trendy piece. But I found this chocolate teddy bear moto jacket at Forever21 and couldn’t resist.
How do you feel about trendy pieces? Do you tend to stray away or look at lower-priced retailers for a deal? I struggle with trendy items, because I’ve always preached to myself, and here on the blog, that investing in pieces that will exist longer than a season, in your wardrobe, is extremely important. But, I know too that I should let myself have fun every so often, so if that means picking up a trendy teddy bear moto jacket, then so be it!
Hoping the temperatures will drop a bit here in Texas so I can pull out this cozy jacket again soon. Have a great week!

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