Cozy Sweatshirts To Shop Under $50

I never thought I’d be a sweatshirt connoisseur, but here we are. Between being a mom, a pandemic forcing me to stay home, plus the cold winter temperatures – I need to be warm! So how do I handle it all? In a cozy sweatshirt of course! I’ve accumulated quite the collection this past year and I’m not saying I’m a comfort queen…but I’m a comfort queen. Ha!
As I type this blog post, I’m currently wearing the oldest sweatshirt in my collection. It’s an oversized navy pullover I’ve had since college with very large CHI OMEGA lettering on the front. At almost 20 years old, safe to say it’s perfectly worn in. Many sweatshirts have come and gone, but this one will never leave my closet. On the flip side of that, here today is the newest sweatshirt I own. My own "going out top" if you will.

My "Going Out Top" Sweatshirt

If you follow my Instagram stories you know that I’m a huge fan of the podcast "Be There In Five". Kate discusses all things pop culture and influencer culture with a heavy dose of nostalgia I am here for. We’re about the same age, so her views on high school and college life and all the awkward and monumental moments during that time speak to my soul. It’s like chatting with a friend you grew up with, except that you’ve never met.
On one of her episodes, she discussed the baffling ways in which girls back in college had an arsenal of going out tops. You know the ones – most likely purchased at Forever 21 or 5*7*9 that were shiny, sparkly, and no doubt a little risqué.
I remember the first time I went to a club about 1 week after I turned 18. I wore low rise jeans and a corset black lace top from Express. Wow. I thought I was the absolute shit in this getup. I tried to find photo evidence but alas, 2003 didn’t have social media so, therefore, did it really even happen?

Cozy Sweatshirts To Shop Under $50

So back to the topic at hand and the title of today’s blog post: cozy sweatshirts you can shop under $50. As I mentioned, I’ve curated a large collection of cozy pullovers (don’t forget this MVP one I wear a TON too!). If you’re in the market for a few new styles, look no further. Unfortunately, Kate no longer sells this particular sweatshirt online. It’ll be available again soon and when it does, I’ll include it in my roundup I swear.
Until then, I’ve found so many cute options out there for y’all to check out. From hoodies to pullovers to zip fronts – whatever kind of sweatshirt you’re looking for! Just click the product image above to shop. Oh, you can also click on the heart icon below each image to sign up for a notification when that style goes on sale…how great is that!

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