Coziest Scarves for Winter

Once the cold weather comes, my number one top search on Google is "Coziest Scarves for Winter". Yes, yes, yes I have about 100 scarves in my closet…but you can never have TOO many scarves! They are the perfect accessory to any winter look. Because we have the same winter coats, it’s easy to get bored of our outfits and a scarf can completely change it! And I wanted to share my favorite picks with you!
My new obsession is Lovoda – they sell affordable yet high quality goodies. And their scarves are out of this world. I got this mustard colored one and it is indeed the coziest of all scarves. While it is sold out that that color, they have a mauve one that I have my eyes on! There was even a lady on the train who told me I looked so comfy (and also like a marshmallow with my coat). So I definitely think you need to check them out and grab yourself a cozy scarf! They also have a ton of other cute accessories like these hoop earrings that I have in the photos!
There are so many options out there, but my absolute favorites? The bigger the scarf, the better! My favorite stores for scarves has always been Nordstrom because they have so many different brands in one place and they have amazing coupons! See below for more of my favorite coziest scarves for winter:

Hope you guys are staying cozied up this winter!
A million and one thanks for reading – until my next lil’ thought then!
xx Jen

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