Cowl Neck Blush Sweater

I always promised myself that school wouldn’t get in the way of my blogging routine. That I’d stay up all night if I had to in order to get everything done (on both sides). Clearly, I’ve been failing at that and I am so sorry. I keep telling myself "be more consistent on the blog and make time for it." And, while I still shoot every Sunday, it’s getting those posts up every night for the next day that proves to be so difficult. So, today I am promising you that I am going to work harder on balancing my time and getting blog posts up with new inspiration at least four times a week. I know it will be difficult but there’s nothing I love more than this little space of mine and I hope that you continue to follow me even during this last half of the month where my posting schedule has been so (for lack of a better word) shitty. Anyways…
On a more positive note, I wanted to share this cowl neck blush sweater that I have been crushing on! It’s under $70 and comes in several colors. Lately, my mom and I have been loving the same things and I think she’s going to pick this sweater up, too! It works for all ages and I love how the back is fun, yet you can still wear your normal bra without it showing.
Blush is a huge trend for fall (yesssss) so it’s 100% acceptable to stock up your wardrobe with those blush faves of yours. But, if you get any staple item… make sure it’s this!
Also, can we please give a round of applause to me for actually looking at the camera in, not one but, TWO photos?! I really wasn’t happy, though, because they took away my favorite shooting location within the last week (I’m talking demolition taken to the extreme. It’s gone).
My staple nude heels are on major sale making them under $50. You might want to pick up a pair if they have them in your size. So comfortable! 

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