Corona Del Mar

If you're planning a visit to California and have some extra time, I always always recommend people go to visit Newport/Laguna Beach. Not just anywhere in Laguna, but Crystal Cove State Park. Yes, it does require a small entrance fee - but I assure you it's worth it. One of my favourite spots in SoCal, this magical place boasts stunning coastlines, beautiful sunsets, and every time I've been, I've seen so much wildlife from whales, to birds to sea creatures.
So true story: I tried on this one piece back in 2012 at a tiny designer boutique in Kauai and didn't purchase. Quickly after, it sold out without a trace and left me with the WORST. FOMO. EVER. But, a few months ago they announced it was coming back in a very limited quantity! So despite being a super poor fashion student, I traded my food budget to splurge on this. I'm just in love and never letting go again (lols).
Magical unicorn in a magical place? It had to happen. Unfortunately the one piece style is sold out again, but it was so popular it might be back soon! Links below! xo

Palm Print One Piece
Embroidered Distressed Denim Shorts

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