Coral & Lilac Love - Review For Rachel Parcell's Line

 I can't even tell you how in love I am with this outfit! Color, color, color, and even more color! I got this skirt in as a gift from a friend from the Rachel Parcell line, and immediately fell in love. Total swoon worthy if you ask me. You need ;) I was originally going to pair this skirt with some type of white lace top, which to me is a "no brainer." Yes, that is a pretty look, but let's mix things up a bit. I love to make outfits unique, and play around with color. With the skirt in hand, I immediately headed to my closet. I took the skirt and start comparing it to my color coordinated closet. As I went down the rows of blouses this coral color immediately popped out at me.
I didn't want this outfit to look like I just paired a t-shirt with a skirt.... Again it's all about getting creative. Since the skirt is so flowy I needed my top to be fitted so that my body doesn't get lost in the outfit. I knotted the tee to give my torso that extra hug, and it gives the outfit that cool casual vibe. You know I love a bold accessory so I added my favorite necklace, and summer bag to go with the look.

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