Cool Mom Uniform of Summer

"I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!" This thought literally pops into my head anytime I’m wearing heels and/or a crop top, lol! All jokes aside, I truly will be living in this outfit, or a variation of it, this summer. My puff sleeve top is actually from Amazon and is less than $25. It also looks soooo cute with white jeans and white denim shorts! I paired it with my trusty AGOLDE denim shorts and my most comfortable heels one day earlier this week. And speaking of good Amazon finds, this Monday is Amazon Prime Day! I plan to have a whole Amazon Prime Guide up on Monday morning so check back
I’m so happy today is Thursday, as it’s my favorite day of the week! I take Kennedy to a music class every Thursday. It’s as much fun for the mommas as it is the babies… because we all get to visit with each other at the same time (and talk about the struggles of motherhood). And it’s the one day of the week I usually get out of the house. I seriously don’t leave the house most days!