Colorful Workout Gear + Fitness Update

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Can you believe summer is almost over? Granted, just because it’s almost September, doesn’t mean it’ll cool off outside really at all, but it’s time to check back in on my fitness goals with y’all, in prep for fall. Today I’m sharing some colorful workout gear plus a fitness update.
Tank (old, similar here) // Leggings (sold out, similar pair) // Running shoes // No show socks // Glass water bottle
The last time I checked in with you guys on my fitness progress, it was sharing my honest thoughts on body image. Y’all had a resounding response to my post, and I couldn’t thank you more.
I love summer, but it’s definitely one of those seasons that I struggle with when I already have trouble viewing my body image in a positive light. And while I’m still struggling with this viewpoint, it’s something I’ve sought help on and also have worked towards reframing my views. It’s been important for me to realize that we are all created in our own special way – none of us are perfect.
In an effort to get my self into shape, both on the inside and out (in terms of my mindset), I jumped into a steady weekly workout routine at Orange Theory in late April. At my best, I was heading to classes 3x a week, but with travel and other obligations, there were some weeks that I only made it once, if not at all.
Here are my honest thoughts on Orange Theory (I paid for all my classes on my own and was not in any way sponsored by the brand): I have a love-hate relationship with the classes. I absolutely love the fast-paced, intensity of OT classes. I love that they’re high-energy and go by extremely quickly. They’re a great mix of HITT with the 30-minutes of cardio and the 30-minutes of strength training.Colorful workout outfits
But, as I’ve continued to incorporate Orange Theory into my routine, I started to realize there are a few aspects that I dislike. My studio is one of the original Houston locations and it gets really busy. There were times that I forgot to pre-book a class and couldn’t get in, even if I was on the waitlist. I purchased a heart-rate monitor from the studio and wear it during every class, but started experiencing problems with the monitor at the start of each class; it simply wouldn’t register and work. This caused me to get distracted and not properly jumpstart my workout, plus I believe it caused inaccurate reporting on my stats. I’m a competitive person by nature, so it’s important to me to see the stats throughout and after the workout.
Lastly, I’ve seen a transformation in my body appearance. Of course, this is great since it means OT is working, but the transformation hasn’t been something I’ve really wanted. I signed up for OT looking to lose a little weight and tone, of course there would be a default gain of muscle mass because of the routine strength training, however I’ve found that my arms have grown quite a bit more than I’d like in terms of muscle and inches. Even when lifting lighter weights than recommended, I usually opt for no more than 12 lbs, even when the instructors suggest 15-20, I’ve seen my arms become more muscular, which has caused me to experience issues with wearing clothes I currently own! My arms simply weren’t fitting into the sleeves of a few of my trusty dresses… For me, this is just personal preference. I’d love for my arms to be toned, but I don’t need them to grow in Inches!
I totally realize that there are tons of people who would kill just to have muscular arms, but I’ve also realized that not all workouts are created equal for each individual. With that being said, I’ve decided to pull back on the reigns on my Orange Theory routine for the time being. As I’ve noticed the changes in my body, some positive and some negative, I’ve decided to try out a few less strenuous exercise classes to see what I like best.

A friend of mine introduced me to pilates reformer a few weeks ago, and while it is SO difficult, I really enjoy the workout. If you’ve been around here for awhile, you might remember that I used to love going to Define Body classes. These classes incorporate pilates techniques and movements, but the reformer is a whole other level. The machine basically assists in utilizing your body weight to achieve a great workout that’s low-impact. I’ve been taking a few classes at Body Rock Pilates here in Houston. The instructors are helpful and friendly and never made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing.
I’ve also been walking quite a bit, and have been trying to log at least two miles outside on a daily walk as often as possible. Wearing my Apple watch has helped me stick with these goals and push myself harder.
So where does this leave my fitness goals? Well, I must say, I achieved my initial summer fitness goals of making it to multiple workout classes consistently, while also doing outdoor walks, some bike rides around the neighborhood and playing a little golf with the hubby.Quick workouts at home, easy workout outfits | Adored by Alex
Looking forward to fall, I’ve revised my fitness goals a bit to include more low-impact workout classes like Define or pilates reformer. I’m planning on pausing my Orange Theory account for the time being and signing up for Class Pass. I’ll be paying for this myself, they’re not sponsoring me With Class Pass, I can do a number of workout classes during the week, and they include both Define and pilates reformer.
I’m still looking to tone my body and work on body image, but I think exploring the different workouts that work best for me has been very important. Just because it worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for me!