marsala leather pencil skirt turtleneck sweater
cream turtleneck sweater leather loft skirt
loft faux leather skirt
loft marsala leather skirt jcrew cream turtleneck sweater
cream turtleneck sweater leather skirt
marsala leather skirt jcrew turtleneck
I went into Loft the other day for a sweater and came out with a sweater and this fantastic {faux} leather  pencil skirt.  It looks really brown in these pictures but it’s actually a super amazing deep marsala color (plum raisin I think they call it), and is the softest most comfortable pencil skirt I’ve probably ever worn.  I haven’t found a pencil skirt I really love in a few years, so this find was slightly monumental.  I love the exposed seams down the front; details like that always make me giddy (clothes nerd).  My husband loved the little slit in the front.  ;-)
Sometimes, I just really love a simple classic look.  A pencil skirt and a chunky turtleneck sweater, just sing understated elegance and simplicity.  I feel like this outfit can be worn to the office, to church, or even on a date.  It translates quite beautifully to many situations.  I love having pieces that are versatile like that in my closet.  I end up pulling from them so much.
Even though these silhouettes are pretty low-key and basic you can still infuse an element of surprise into the look.  Switching up the classic pencil skirt for one of the leather/faux leather variety is a great way to keep it feeling polished and profession while adding a little more personality and mixing it up a bit.
marsala leather skirt nude heels

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