Classic Investments for Autumn

Classic Investments for Autumn

Its so nice to be back in London! I had to make a little trip to the states to pick up Nahla and finally bring her back here! (More on that in another post this week!)… The weather here however has undoubtably changed. It was sunshine and sunny skies when I left and now have returned to full blown fall. That said, as much as I’ll miss daylight ’til 9:30pm, this time of year is my absolute favorite. One of the biggest selling points on London for me is the seasons. I love layering, I love fall fashion, so kicking off chillier days ahead with a little tbt post featuring leather shorts, OTK boots, and a few classic investments.
Minus the occasional trendy bits from Zara, when adding pieces to my wardrobe I try to stick to long term investments. Of course you need a standout dress here, and a fun patterned coat there, but for the most part especially when trying to budget house payments, living expenses, travel, nights out, etc. you’ll get the most for your $ if you stick to basics that have long term wear.


Over the knee boots are one of if not the best fall investments I think one can make. I got this pair from Zara 2+ years ago, and without fail they’re always my most worn fall shoe. Especially in these early September/October days, I love layering them with mini skirts and shorts. They’ll undoubtably make your legs look longer, and after coated in a bit of scotch guard can handle all the elements, with a wearable heel for city life.


On the leather shorts note, these were a pair I picked up last year, and unsurprisingly they’re still and will continue to be "in". A good leather or vegan leather statement piece is always relevant for fall. For a casual cool look I’ve linked lots of short options below — many of which are my favorite designer brands up to 50% off. If shorts aren’t your thing, this same look can be replicated swapping in a leather skirt. Style with a chunky knit and it’s ideal for daytime, events, date nights, etc. And again all pieces that you’ll be able to restyle and wear long term.


When it comes to knitwear, my most worn pieces tend to be my investment items like this timeless, capsule Jenni Kayne pullover. Of course you can find really similar staples from Zara or ASOS, but when something is made nicely the quality does show and you’ll be able to wear it beyond the single calendar year. Because I do recommend investing in at least one quality knit I did some digging and found a few beautiful options from Maje and contemporary brands that are just as classic as this seasons releases for a fraction of the cost.


Lastly get yourself a really good classic coat every 3-5+ years. I invested in this Maje coat back in college and here I am 5+ years later still going strong. Yes, it’s a bit of a buyer’s gulp when you start considering the price tag, but once you factor in how many years you’ll be able to wear a quality jacket, especially in black it makes the investment that much more justifiable and you’ll feel so great having a quality key piece to tie all of your Autumn/Winter looks together!

As always I’ve linked my look and some look-alikes at various price points both here and on! I’m a broken record with this but I’m finally settled in my new place in London, picking up all the bits post break with Covid times so expect more fashion segments, posts on makeup and skincare, as mentioned a travel update on bringing dogs from the US to the UK, and lots more swipe ups/videos on IG stories!
Stay well and keep finding all the little things big and small that make you happy! Lots of love xx Erica

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