Classic Fall Staples: Black Turtlenecks & Leather Midi Skirts

Turtleneck: Rebecca Taylor | Skirt: Sezane | Boots: Sezane (SOLD OUT) | Bag: Sezane | Scarf: Sezane | Trench: Burberry
I feel like I’ve been living in the twilight zone or something — I left London October 2 and blinked and someone it’s mid November. Quick life update since I’ve been MIA and left everyone mostly in the dark. For those of you who have been wondering where in the world I’ve been…I’ve had some health problems for quite some time and had to have my second surgery at the beginning of October. The plan was to be back in London October 19, but sometimes in life, we can plan and plan and plan, and as much as we have life mapped out, God takes over and leads us exactly where we need to be. I ended up having quite a few complications and for whatever reason my body didn’t recover as it was suppose to. So here I am, several unexpected weeks later, still on quite a bit of medication but getting better daily. My brain has been super foggy on all the meds, but I’ve been itching to get back into business mode! I REALLY appreciate your patience and letting me take the time I’ve needed to rest and recover. I still have weeks ahead of me to heal from some setbacks with my incisions, and months ahead until I’m back to "normal", but all of this has really strengthened my faith and there have been several silver linings through it all! That said, with the Holidays practically here and my favorite season upon us, I’m excited to dive back into Erie Nick with some of my favorite classic fall pieces: Black Turtlenecks and Leather Midi Skirts.
While I’m thankful to be back in Dallas finishing this recovery with my family, I’m missing London SO much this time of year. Fall is my absolute favorite season. Besides kicking off the holidays and all of the festive feels, I love the crisp chill and all of the layering. I’m the queen of the black turtleneck come fall/winter. Ask my roommates or anyone who knows me, there is no article of clothing I wear more. I have no shame in rocking the Steve Jobs turtleneck vibe, often wearing them from daytime to pubs at night — For a little fall wardrobe refresh I paired my turtleneck with a leather midi skirt in lieu of jeans. I love this alternative since I often live in denim this time of year. It’s very polished and super comfortable paired with booties and a work bag for a chic day to get work done! For longevity and warmth as temps continue to drop, you can re-style your midi skirt with a chunky sweater and some knee high boots. I LOVE this Sezane circle bag – it really pulled the entire look together, and in addition to being fashionable, it’s deceptively functional as the diameter is wide enough to fit a 13-inch laptop!
Although it feels like I’ve been in America forever, I worked my booty off to get my visa and the game plan is still to head back to London as soon as I get clearance! The silver lining in all of this is that I get to be with my family for Thanksgiving, and thankfully Dallas is chilly enough that I still get to enjoy all the perks of fall, minus Hyde Park! Thank you for your patience and prayers throughout all of this. I know God’s plans are far greater than my own, so it just have to have patience, faith, and keep trusting that He knows what he’s doing in His perfect timing. I’ve linked my exact look below, along with lots of turtlenecks and midi skirt options! I’ll also be sharing lots of fresh, original gift guides for the holidays, starting tomorrow! So let me know if you have any particular guide types you’d like to see, and I’ll be sure to add them to the mix!

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