Cirque Du Fonce | Halloween Series

Cirque Du Fonce - Dark Circus
I am definitely not one to keep a secret for so long, and so I am proud of myself that I shared no sneak peeks since we shot this in the beginning of August. I would have to say that this shoot is hands down my favorite shoot I've ever done. EVER!
The inspiration for this shoot came from a dream I had back in June while I was home in Utah. The next day I woke up determined to make my dream become a reality. This idea was the perfect way to distract me from the heartbreak I had back in Phoenix. I needed the distraction to give me that "fire" that was missing in my life.
I locked myself in my room for countless hours searching Pinterest for ideas on how I would make my EPIC idea come to life. I need a tent. I need a horse. I need a lion. I need an alpaca (I actually did have one, but he had to cancel on me for a child's birthday party.)
Once I determined my vision for the shoot I texted the one person that I could trust to bring the "edge" I was looking for. Brit Jacox. Two days after my dream I texted Brit to see if she would be down for an EPIC production that was sexy, edgy, and editorial. From there Brit introduced me to Ashley, which elevated the shoot even more. I met Ashley over coffee where we discussed the concept, and from there she came up with the most amazing ideas on how to style my characters in ways I've never dreamed of. Ashley basically killed it.
There were so many things I wanted for this shoot, but the one thing I wanted most was to create a project with some of my close friends that we could look back on. If you are going to put in an 8 hour day for a shoot you might as well do it with some of your best friends, and laugh the day away.
Side note: After the shoot Bria and I slept over and Nadya's house, and at 3 in the morning we were about to go to sleep where she dropped the bomb on us that she was pregnant. Ahhhh!!! I'm gonna be an auntie to two beautiful Brazilian twins!!!
I am so thrilled how this shoot turned out, and hope you love it as much as I do. I also wanted to say thank you all for following my blog, and supporting my creative vision. For the past month I've had people come up to me on the street, text me, and email me saying how October is their favorite month for my blog because of all my Halloween shoots. I honestly love what I do every single day with J Petite, and love all of you that support me. Every comment I have received has touched me deeply because I do consider myself an artist, and J Petite is my creative outlet for my art.
Let's give a big round of applause to my killer Utah tribe!!
Photography: Brit Nicole Jacox
Coordinator / Set Design: Yours Truly
Prop Design: Robert Melendez - Thanks Dad! 
Stylist / Costume Design: Ashley Reiser
Hairstylist: Bria Carey
Makeup: Makayla Holmes
Horse Florals: Nature's Own Flourish
Pole: Onyx Pole & Aerial Fitness
Characters: Ringmaster - Yours Truly / Lion - Nadya Cox / Acrobat  - Kendall Fischer / Clown - Logan Edmunds / Dog Clown - Django

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