Choosing the Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Finding that cute swimsuit is easy as 1-2-3, but finding something that works for you and your body is a little more complex. We all know that feeling of trying on that Victoria Secret swimsuit that looked ah-mazing on Adriana Lima, and felt immediately awkward and disappointed once looking in the mirror. #thestruggleisreal. While a particular style of swimsuit looks great on one body type doesn't necessarily mean it will looks as amazing on other body types. When you find a suit that works with your body you will feel confident, and sexy within your own skin.
 For my body type I am 5'2, have a small waist, and have a longer torso than legs. I am very athletic, and don't have much curvature to my body. Since my torso is very long and small one pieces don't look the best on me because my body is too long for xs suits. One of my best features is my stomach, and I like to play up that feature by wearing a bikini. Since my legs are short I like to add extra length by wearing a string bikini bottom. By minimizing the fabric that rests on my hip, it shows more skin, and thus making my legs look longer.
My chest is naturally small, and I am very narrow in the shoulders. I try to stay away from strapless tops because it emphasizes that I don't have much curvature to my body. I like to wear tops that are halters, and low cut. The halter gives my body a little more shape, and the low cut gives me extra length at my chest.
What swimsuit style works best for your body?

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