Checkered, double checkered

checkered, double checkered checkered cushion checkered cushion checkered cushion checkered cushion
Checkered, double checkered, crochet cushion done.
I started the checkered crochet last month and while I was working on a new design for a pillow cover, I stopped halfway.
Not because I didn't like it, but because I was wondering how amazing this pattern would work on a xs woodwoolstool. Hahaha, these kind of jumps I make more often. Creating something while my mind is already working on the next project.
So I put the unfinished pillow project on hold and I started on a checkered mini stool cover.
You might have seen how cute the checkered mini stool has become. And yes, it's a keeper, the cutest piece of furniture in our new bedroom.
I wanted to make another one for sale and that one was gone in a blink.
Unfortunately I ran out of moroccan mini stools, so fingers crossed if all goes well I can bring new ones from the souk in October.
But luckily another cool crochet task was waiting for me and I finished the checkered pillow cover last weekend. The cover has two different sides. One side is white & lilac and the other side is multicolored with 6 different blocks in checkered pattern.
In the same colors I used for the mini stool cover; white, lilac, raspberry pink, pastel pink, bright blue, pale blue and yellow.
The checkered crochet cushion is now available in my Etsy shop and there is only one.

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