I always love a black & white ensemble.  I usually love adding a pop of color, like this chunky knit scarf, but I decided not to because it took away from the sweater.  It's definitely considered 'oversized', and I thought the sweater was too pretty to cover up.  Luckily, it wasn't that cold when I wore this outfit, so I was fine in just one layer.
Also, I've updated my FAQ here, if any of y'all wanna check it out. I edited a few answers like what type of camera and lens Andrew and I use.  We use a   Canon 6D Mark ii   with either a   50mm f1.2L   lens or   85mm f1.2L lens .  We use the 85mm when we're in more of a rural setting and the 50mm when we're somewhere downtown.  I've also received some questions about my eyebrows.  I recently just switched my usual eyebrow routine.  I still get threaded every 3-4 weeks, but now I use the Anastasia Brush #12   with the   Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to fill them in.  I t's perfect for your brows and allows for precise control.  I will never use anything else to fill in my brows after trying Anastasia's items.   I also swear by   bareMinerals Well-Rested  powder.  It brightens your under eyes {seriously, it's magic}, and it also works to highlight the rest of your face for contouring purposes.  Last but not least, I have recently invested in the Clarisonic Mia3  and use it nightly, which helps exfoliate my skin and clean makeup residue from my face.  My skin has looked so much healthier since using it! Those are pretty much all of the tweaks that I had made, but feel free to check it out here to see any of the other tidbits.

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