Celebrate with Shades

It's probably no surprise that one of my favorite accessories, especially as the finishing touch to almost any outfit, is a pair of sunglasses. I own way too many, but depending on my outfit, my mood and the weather outside, they all serve a different purpose. I also tend to go through phases where I'll wear one pair of sunglasses for weeks until I temporarily get sick of them. Lately, I've been reaching for my classic Ray Bans for an easy, cool look. For this holiday season, I got the incredible chance to partner with Sunglass Hut to style a holiday vignette based around my favorite pairs. They gave us complete creative freedom to make the vignette our own, which for me, included a mix of dressy and casual pieces, cozy knits, candles and since I'm in complete decorating mode after our move, some home elements. For my sunglasses, I picked several pairs, including several Ray Bans and a more glamorous Prada frame

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