Casual Spring Style and Tory Burch Sale

TGIF! Also known as ICNS (that’s a new one for me… it means ‘I can now sleep’) haha! I’m excited to get caught up on some much-needed sleep and work on some blog projects over the weekend. Not to mention, I also have to study. I have a feeling that the last day of finals for me will be the
I’ve actually worn this dress in another blog post! Yes, I repeat outfits. I love this dress a lot. It’s so versatile and is a great white dress to have hanging in your closet for different events. I wore it this past weekend to go to a food event with my sister, where I literally ate three cinnamon rolls. They were the best ones I’ve ever had! Anyways, this dress was great because it’s light, has a great length and is appropriate for basically anything and everything. I paired it with a denim jacket, just in case it was cold inside {which it was not} and this chambray hat. Last weekend I went with my mom to the mall to pick up an order I had placed and I ended up trying this hat on and refused to take it off. Haha! Everyone thought it went with my outfit, so I figured I’d take it home with me. It’s so comfortable and I love the chambray trim. It’s also really light and great for bigger heads… yes, me.

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