Cargo Shorts are Back!

Okay can you guys believe that cargo shorts are back in style?! I, for one, love them and am so happy! The pair I’m wearing is super comfortable, perfect for a casual day at the beach or running errands around town. I really like them with my button up tank, but they’d look so cute with a white tee and even a denim jacket! I just love how relaxed they look.
It was cloudy all day at the beach yesterday, the photos we got (above) were in the 15 minutes of sunshine we had! Instead of putting on my swimsuit and heading to the beach like usual, I stayed in and read all day. I just finished this book and IT WAS SO GOOD. It’s a very easy read since it’s about girls in high school – but I seriously loved it. It will be in my next book review but I wanted to go ahead and tell you now so that you could go ahead and pick it up (if you like thrillers!). xoxo

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