Cardigan heaven.

Cardigan heaven.

Hey Guys!  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a lovely weekend (and week for that matter, I’ve been so MIA, yikes).  We had a gorgeously sunny but freezing weekend.  It snowed on Friday so all my kids were home from school and we spent the day baking and putting things away in the house and then sledding in the backyard.

When I think about how much our life has changed in the last two months, I can hardly believe it.

We’ve been having the greatest time getting to know our new (old) house and all its little quirks.  We’re also learning the ins and outs of how things are done here in New England.  Like how oil heating works, getting oriented to the winding roads, what a hamlet is and how important abundant layers are…

My favorite thing about all these changes is our little farmhouse in the country.  I’ve been wanting to live in a place like this all my life and I am thrilled to find that it suits me extremely well.  I love pulling on my boots and going outside with the kids so we can haul wood into the basement for our fire, baking bread in my little white kitchen, curling up with a book by our fire every night.  I love how calm the area around our house is.  There can’t be more than a dozen cars that drive past everyday.  It’s so peaceful and quiet.  Like our own little slice of heaven.  Don’t be fooled, our house is extremely old and full of fun little quirks and drafty rooms.  It’s going to need lots of love and attention.  I have lots of plans for sprucing up the spaces visually and there will be I’m sure plenty of non-visual improvements to be made as well (i.e. wiring, etc.).  But I’ve quickly fallen in love with our house.  Especially how happy and natural my kids and Craig are here. We have the most magnificent hills leading up to our barn, which we discovered on Friday make excellent sledding hills.  And you should have seen the kids run up and slide down them over and over again.  It’s basically my dream house.  Craig keeps laughing at me, because this funny old farmhouse is literally no one’s dream house and I’m happy as a clam here.

Yesterday we went to church, it was freezing again.  So when we got home the kids helped Craig bring more wood in and we all curled up by the fire again most of the afternoon. I wore my favorite new cardigan with my sailor skirt from earlier last fall.  This sweater, you guys… when I saw it from across the room, my first thought was "I’ve died and gone to cardigan heaven."  It’s so me.  Stripes, a bow, and a sweater all in one pretty package.  I love cardigans this time of year they’re the perfect layering piece (this one happens to be on sale) and really they’re just a classic wardrobe staple.

I rounded up a few more cute spring cardigans:

Come back tomorrow, because I am finally going to give you a peek at our little New England Farmhouse.  (If you look closely, you can see its reflection in my sunglasses in a few of these pictures. ;-)

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