Caramel Apple Moscow Mule

I love a seasonal cocktail. A crisp fall-themed drink is the perfect way to welcome in the season around a campfire or with a cozy sweater on a front porch. We are big fans of the classic moscow mule cocktail (you can try it as a jello shot too!) but did you know that with just a few more ingredients you can make a caramel apple moscow mule as well?! Sign me up!
Caramel Apple Moscow Mule, serves one
1.5 ounces caramel vodka
2 ounces ginger beer
4 ounces apple cider
1/2 a lime
green apple slice for garnish
Add your caramel vodka, ginger beer, and apple cider into your copper cup (I love these copper mugs!) over ice.
Squeeze half a lime into your cup and give it all a little stir.
Slice your apple horizontally to get an apple circle and slice halfway into the middle to create a garnish for your cup.
Now your perfect fall drink is ready to serve!
Yum! My husband, Todd, is a classic mule aficionado but he was very happy when I handed him one of these this week. Like all cocktails, feel free to tweak the ingredient amount if you like yours to be more apple or more ginger beer tasting (I liked mine a little heavier on the cider). And if I had really been on my toes, I would have added a skewer with caramel cubes on it as well for a little treat. Hope this makes your fall a little more delicious!! xo. Laura

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